Plants are classified in several different ways. Plant classification has additional groupings that animal classification does not. Generally, only the genus and species are of importance to small scale cultivation. However, it is important to understand how plants are classified on all levels and how they relate to other plants. Plants are generally classified as follows.

The International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants (ICN) regulates the naming for plants and other organisms treated like plants.

KINGDOM A kingdom is the highest rank of biological classification. All plants belong to the kingdom Plantae. The total number of kingdoms varies from between five and eight. woah
DIVISION A division is the first major rank below the kingdom. The term "division" is not interchangeable with "phylum." "Division" refers to ranking in botany while "phylum" is for zoology." The kingdom Plantae has twelve recognized divisions. Divisions are generally based on morphological differences.
CLASS Class follows the phylum and precedes the order. Classes are determined by professional taxonomists. There is often no consensus in the scientific community on which plants belong to which classes or what group constitutes a biological class.
ORDER An order follows superorder and precedes suborder.
FAMILY A family follows the superfamily and precedes subfamily.
TRIBE The tribe follows the supertribe and precedes the subtribe.
GENUS The genus follows the subtribe and precedes the species name. The genus is the first part of the binomial name.
SPECIES The species follows the superspecies and precedes the subspecies. The species name is the second part of the binomial name.
VARIETY The variety follows infraspecies and precedes the form. This grouping is only used for botanical classifications. All varieties have a three part name.
CULTIVAR The cultivar follows the form and is the lowest rank. This grouping is only used for botanical classifications. All cultivars have a three part name.

Example[edit | edit source]

  • Kingdom - Plantae
    • Division - Magnoliophyta
      • Class - Magnoliopsida
        • Order - Ranunculales
          • Family - Papaveraceae
            • Genus - Papaver
              • Species - Papaver somniferum
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